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Department of Cardiology
"Keeping the Hearts on"
The Department is headed by Dr Rajesh Kumar MD;DM and Dr Vinod Manikandan MD;DM Over the years ,this department has emerged as the main resort for patients suffering from cardiac ailments in and around Ottapalam.

Our specialities :
Malabars first 247 Electro Physiological Studies and Radio Frequency Ablation Unit(EP & RFA)
Cardiac Catheterization lab(Cathlab)
Coronary Angiogram
Coronary Angioplasty with stenting(Angioplasty)
Primary and Peripheral Angioplasty
Device Closure for ASD
Device Closure for PDA
Temporary/ Permanent Pace Maker Implantation(Single/Dual Chamber)
ICD Implantation
CRT Implantation
Balloon Valvuloplasty
Computerized Tread Mill Test(TMT)
Echo cardio gram(ECHO)
Trans EsophagealEcho(TEE)
Fully equipped 10 bedded Intensive Coronary Care Unit(ICCU)

Department of Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgery
Dr Yoganathan Namboodiri MS,MCh heads this department. We have a well equipped Cardio Thoracic Operation Theatre and a 5 bedded Cardio -Vascular Thoracic Intensive Care Unit .

Common procedures done by the Cardio Vascular Thoracic Department are :
All heart operations
Coronary Artery Bypass graft (CABG) on Beating Heart
Valve Replacement surgeries
Cosmetic Cardiac Surgery
Valve Repair Procedures
Congenital (pediatric )Heart Surgery related to ASD,VSD ,PDA,POS. etc.
Lung surgery
Oesophagus Surgery
Media Stinum Surgery
Chest wall Surgery
Diaphram Surgery
All Other Chest surgeries
Surgery for Aneurysm
Arterial Surgery
Venous surgery
AV Fistula Creation

Department of Gastro Enterology
Valluvanad Hospital has an excellent Gastro enterology department guided by Dr Aravind Venkitaraman MBBS,MD,DM . All Gastro -Intestinal problems are treated here . Our services include :
Diagnostic Colonoscopy.
Diagnostic Upper GI Endoscopy .
Endoscopic Foreign body Removal.
Endoscopic Sclerotherapy.
Endoscopic Variceal Ligation.
Endoscopic Glue Injection.
Endoscopic Polypectomy.
Special treatment for Acid Corrosion and Poisoning.
Treatment of liver cirrhosis ,Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C,bleeding lesions etc as well as problems of large intestines and anus.
Treatment of Pancreatic and inflammatory Bowel Diseases etc.
Therapeutic Gastro intestinal endoscopy for Esophagus, stomach Small bowel and Colon.

Department of Pediatric Surgery
Dr. S. Vijay Ganesh M.B.B.S;M.S; M.R.C.S; M.Ch; who heads the department has years of experience in major centres like Apollo Hospital , Chennai. We have a well equipped post operative ward and a neo natal intensive care unit (NICU).

Procedures regularly attended are :
Tongue tie Release
Hemangioma Excision
Vulval Synechiae Release
Umbilical Exploration
Tethered Cord Syndrome
Meningomyelocele Surgery
Ventricular Peritoneal Stunting
Bowel or Vaginal Pull through
Anorectoplasty by posterior Sagittal Approach
Open Appendicectomy
Laparoscopic Appendicectomy
Diaphramatic Hernia or Eventration Diaphram repair
Tracheosophageal fistula surgery
sistrunk operation for thyroglossal cyst
Umbilical hernia repair
Bowel resection and Anastomoses
CysticHygroma surgery
Cleft lip repair
Open Orchidoplexy
Laproscopic Orchidoplexy
Varicocele ligation
Ureteric Reimplantation
Urethral Valvefuguration
Lung Lobectomy
Bladder Extrophy repair
Cloaca surgery
Laparotomy for blunt injury abdomen
Choanal Atresia Surgery
All Cancer Surgeries

Department of Neurology
"Nerve to brave Challenges"

Our Neurology Department is headed by Dr Sajan P M MBBS,MD,DNB,DM(Neurology).

We have a well equipped Neuro Intensive Care Unit including stroke care unit.

We also have a neurophysiology lab conducting:
Evoked Potentials
Nerve Conduction Studies
Neurology OP runs everyday, catering to various disorders such as:
Movement disorders
Head ache
Peripheral neuropathy
Memory disorders
Various Neuro- muscular problems

Neuro Surgery
The newly created Neurotrauma and spinal unit is headed by Dr Aneesh Raj MS,MCh.The department has a well equipped Neuro Surgical Operation Theatre, ICU and an electronic drill of Medtronics. Currently we focus mainly on cranium and spinal trauma.
Cranio Cerebral Trauma
All skull fractures
All kinds of reconstructive surgery
All intra cranial haematomas
Ventriculo peritonial shunt
Ventriculo atrial shunt
Lumbo pertonial shunt
Spinal Trauma
Cranio-vertebral injury
Anterior cervical dissectomy
Anterior cervical fusion and stabilization
Cervical laminectomy
Cervical laminoplasty
Atlanto cervical fusion
Cervical posterior stabilization
Halo-vest traction and immobilisation
Lumbar dissectomy
Lumbar anterior and posterior stabilisation
Lumbar laminectomy and laminoplasty
Department of Nephrology
Valluvanad hospital is the first hospital in Palakkad district to have a full time Nephrologist.The department is headed by Dr S P Maharajan MBBS,MD,DM who has experience in major centres like Global Hospital Chennai.

Special features of Nephrology Department are:
Full fledged Dialysis unit with state-of-the-art Fresenius 4008 S dialysis machines
Dialysis for Snake bite, poisoning,Dengue fever,Leptospirosis(Rat fever),CKD,diabetic nephropathy etc
Dialysis catheter insertion
Permcath insertion
Continuous Ambulatory Peritonial dialysis catheter insertion and CAPD follow up
Kidney biopsy
Renal transplantation follow up
Jugular and femoral catheter insertion

Department of Urology
Our Urology department functions under the guidance and leadership of Dr Shankar Ram H S MS;MCh and Dr Elangovan S MS;MCh. The usual procedures that are done include:
Endourological surgeries
Medical treatment of all diseases connected with Kidney, Bladder and urinary tract
Invasive and Key hole surgery for all kidney and bladder problems including kidney and bladder cancer
Prostrate treatment
Pyeoplasty for obstruction
Fragmentation of stones by non-invasive methods
Treatment of urinary incontinence in female patients
Treatment of congenital problems of children
Surgery for BPH(TURP)
Urethral surgeries
Evaluation and treatment for male infertility

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