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"Be stubborn-Have strong bones"

Department of Orthopedics functions under Dr C Viswanathan MS and Dr Rohit V Nair MBBS,MS.This department covers the entire problems connected with joints ,spine and bone combined with advanced trauma management and critical care facilities.

We do:
Shoulder arthroplasty
Total and partial hip replacement
Knee replacement
Treatment of all types of spinal trauma ,spondylisthesis ,spine tumours
Spine surgery
Meniscal repairs
ACL reconstructions
Limb salvage surgery for malignant limb tumours
Treatment of fracture
Advanced trauma management

"Helping to see the way and world around"

Dr Vishnu Mohan MBBS,DO is our ophthalmologist. We give special care to diabetic eye diseases ,glaucoma , retinal diseases etc. General ophthalmological problems , cataract ,squint eye , are also treated here regularly.

The function of the department has the following profiles:
General ophthalmology
Phacoemulsification and IO L implantation
Suture less Cataract surgery
Glaucoma –Investigation and management
Squint treatment
Occula plasties
Contact lens
Eye testing

Valluvanad Hospital has a good radio diagnosis wing functioning under Dr K M Sony MBBS,MD ; Dr Pradeep T M MBBS, MD ; Dr Suhas N MBBS,MD and Dr Nikhil K MBBS,MD.

Our facilities include:
1.5 Tesla 16 Channel MRI
128 Slice CT Scan
Doppler Studies

Pulmonary Diseases
"Helping to breathe easily"

Dr Ron Johny MBBS,MD is the head of the department.We have all facilities for investigating ,diagnosing and treating pulmonay diseases. Pulmonary diseases department conducts all tests and offers treatment for problems connected with the respiratory system with utmost care and perfection. We conduct pulmonary function test for reversible airway obstruction ,diffusing capacity of lungs , arterial blood gas analysis .All problems connected with respiratory system are cured ruling out the chance for recurrence . Bronchitis, Breathing problems ,all ailments with lungs ,Haemoptysis (bleeding from the respiratory passages )etc are also treated .

We do:
Allergy and Asthma treatment .
Video assisted flexible Bronchoscopy.
Pulmonary function test .
Sleep study.
Treatment of all diseases connected with lungs and respiratory system.

"Building health of mind"

Our Department of Psychiatry is led by Dr A Prabhas Aravind MD; Dr Raihana Shafeed MD and Dr Madhavan MD,DPM.We treat psychiatric disorders like Schizophrenia ,bipolar disorder ,major depression , anxiety disorders , panic ,phobias ,sexual dysfunction, psycho –somatic disorders , Alcoholism and substance abuse etc .

Besides, we give guidance to solve child and adolescent problems, treat developmental disorders and solve learning and scholastic difficulties . Attention deficit hyper activity disorder (ADHO) school refusal, autism and other developmental disorders, childhood anxiety and depression are also treated. Valluvanad hospital has a well set up Audiology and Language and Speech Therapy lab to assist impaired children to develop their hearing and linguistic faculties.

Services offered:
Audiology and speech and Language lab
Treatment of all psychological disorders
Psychometric assessment of adult psychiatric disorders
Psychotherapies and counseling
Cognitive behavior therapy
Couple ,marital and family therapies
Stress management and anger management
De addiction
Projection tests and assessment of personality
I Q Tests
Diagnostic evaluation of childhood and adolescent disorders
Screening and intervention for emotional problems
Specific learning disability assessment( S L D)
SLD remedial training
Behavioural training for Attention Deficit Hyper activity
Behaviour therapy
Relaxation training

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dentistry
"Strengthen teeth for health and beauty"

Our dental unit is a special centre of maxio -facial trauma ,correction procedures of jaw deformities ,oral cancer ,tumors of jaw ,T,M joint arthroscopic procedures and dental implants . we have proven records of excellence in dentofacial orthopedics ,orthodontics and maxiofacial prosthetics ,Dental implantology ,and use of resorbable miniplates and screw. Surgical removal of impacted tooth , root canal treatment , treatment of dentures ,correction of gummy smile , prosthodontics ,surgical treatment of cysts and tumours ,ceramic crown and bridges , composite resin restoration etc.

Our specialties include.
Dental implantation
Ceramic crown and bridges
Composite resin restoration
Surgical removal of impacted tooth, correction of jaw deformities , treatment of cysts and tumours of the jaws
Single sitting root canal treatment
Complete dentures and immediate loading implants for complete dentures
Correction of gummy smile

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