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General Medicine
"Soothing hands cure diseases"

The General Medicine Department of Valluvanad Hospital is entrusted with a team of highly skilled and service minded medical specialists composing of Dr Shanmugham MBBS,MD; Dr Jamal MBBS, MD; Dr Abdul Sathar MBBS, MD; Dr Gayathri MBBS, MD and Dr RajKumar MD(Visiting).

The highlights of our medical specialty are
A well equipped 10 bedded Intensive Care Unit(ICU) with ventilator facilities
Treatment for high and low blood pressure,diabetis and rheumatic problems
History analysis and thorough check –up
Impeccable clinical investigation
Accurate diagnosis
Aptness and minimization of drugs
Physiotherapy Unit for helping to improve the mobility of limbs
Treatment with a soothing touch

General and Laproscopic Surgery
"A doctor's knife – A weapon of kindness"
We have a well established Department of Surgery guided by a team of doctors composing of Dr A Krishnankutty MBBS,MS; Dr Sreenivas MBBS MS; and Dr Guru Raj MBBS,DLO,DNB.

Facility of laproscopic or minimum access surgery is available for:
Hernia repair –TAPP,TEP,Ventral Hernia
Hiatus Hernia
Diagnostic Laproscopy
Endocrine Surgeries
Thyroid-Total Thyroidectomy/ Lymph Node Dissection
Cancer surgeries
Breast cancer
Stomach cancer
Colon cancer
Stapler Haemorrhoidopexy
Varicose Veins
Trauma Surgeries

Obstetrics and Gynecology
"Forget the pain of labour"

Valluvanad hospital is acclaimed for its superb Obstetrics and Gynecology Department which is managed by Dr Sarala Ramachandran MBBS,DGO;Dr Sreekrishna Rao BSc,MBBS,DGO;Dr Chandramathy MBBS,DMCH;Dr (Miss) Saji John MD,DNB,FMAS,DMAS;and Dr Abhirami MBBS,MS .We stand for the happiness of mothers and exercise maximum care and caution by resorting to various methods ranging from masterly inactivity to administering painless labour.

The salient features of our O&G Department are:
Total Laproscopic Hystrectomy
Laproscopic Assisted Vaginal Hystrectomy(LAVH)
Laproscopic Sterlisation
Laproscopic management of Ectopic rupture
Laproscopic Oopharectomy
Diagnostic Laproscopy
Painless labour
Management of high risk pregnancies

"Nurse the baby; protect the child"

The Department of Pediatrics is handled by Dr Achuthan C BSc,MBBS, DCH;Dr A P Shankar MBBS,DNB and Dr P Santhosh MBBS,DCH,DNB. Avoidance of unnecessary medication and administering minimum medicines absolutely necessary for cure is our guiding principle in pediatric treatment.

Our highlights:
Neonatal ICU with Incubator, Radiant Warmer and Photo therapy unit
Newborn and Paediatric Ventillator
Immunisation Clinic

"Perfection - The goal ultimate"

The Department of ENT functions under Dr Anupam MBBS,MS.We deal with all diseases pertaining to ear nose and throat .Some of the commonly attended cases are Micro surgery of middle ear and larynx , CSF leak repair ,salvage of the frontal sinuses ,correction of voice disorders , correction of snoring and sleep apnoea , surgery for laryngeal cancer , audio -logical evaluation and speech therapy . We are well versed in micro surgery of the ear and nasal endoscopic procedures . Endoscopic surgery of the nose is also undertaken with utmost care and perfection.

The ENT department of Valluvanad Hospital has the following profiles:
Treatment for all ENT ailments.
Head and Neck surgery
Microscopic ear surgeries
Microscopic laryngeal Surgery

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